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#1 Posted : Saturday, June 25, 2016 12:48:40 AM(UTC)

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1. I meet all of the ragehook requirements
(and so on)

This thread is here to make getting support EASIER! FOLLOW THIS BEFORE YOU POST!

1. On the Main RagePluginHook website, there is the Requirements section, have you installed all of the requirements under 'Requirements for Regular Users'?
If for whatever reason you cannot access it, this is a direct link to the page: http://ragepluginhook.net/Requirements.aspx

2. Are you running the latest version of Ragehook?
Version 42 is the only supported version which can be found here: http://ragepluginhook.net/GetDownload.aspx?id=125
To identify your Ragehook Version, you can do the following:
Lauch Ragehook, then click into the Ragehook Configurator (the settings icon in the bottom left), then you will be able to see your ragehook version in the bottom left.
In that menu, you will also be able to tell which Ragehook version you have.
NOTE: LSPDFR includes an old version of RAGE HOOK that will not work with latest game version!

3. Have you got any OpenIV mods?
If so, do you use OpenIV.asi & a 'mods' folder?
If you do have some, list them here.
Additionally, list the rough time you installed them.
If you don't know what this means, then you most likely do not have any.

4. Does GTA V start on its own?
If it does not, Ragehook will not work properly.

5. Are you running any overlay software and/or recording software? (eg. Fraps, MSI Afterburner & NVIDIA Share (formerly ShadowPlay))
If so, try disabling it as it can cause issues with Ragehook.

6. Are you running Windows 10?
If so, try setting the Compatibility Mode of RagePluginHook.exe to Windows 8, this option can be found in Properties of the file.

7. Do any errors come up that reference 'D3D' or 'DirectX'?
If so, try installing this: https://www.dropbox.com/...7-JYOHF5l3HPFqFhGKa?dl=0
Additionally, if your log file says anything along the lines of 'Failed to create D3D11 device' then try this step too.
If your log file/error messages do not reference this, ignore it.

8. Post your system specifications.
You must meet the GTA V Minimum Requirements for Ragehook to work properly!

9. Are you running RagePluginHook.exe as administrator?

10. Have you renamed the GTA V folder in which Ragehook is installed?
It should only ever be called 'Grand Theft Auto V'

11. What other modifications do you have?
This includes LSPDFR API plugins.

12. Are you running a legitimate copy of the game?
If you are not, it wasn't even worth making a topic here because Ragehook detects and automatically blocks pirated copies of the game.

13. In the Ragehook Configurator, do you have Developer Mode enabled?
If so, try disabling it.

14. Does your GTA V folder have full access?
You can check this by Right Clicking on the GTA V folder, clicking properties.
Then head to the Security tab and make sure that TrustedInstaller and the Administrator group all have Full Control.

15. Is your game at the latest version?
Currently, the latest version of the game is Build 757.4

16. Make sure that when you first loaded up Ragehook, it asked you to unblock files.

17. Do you use ENBSeries?
You will be able to tell because either 'd3d11.dll' or 'dxgi.dll' and the 'enbseries' folder will be present in the location you installed your game.
ENBSeries can cause issues at game loading.

18. Do you use Reshade/SweetFX?
You will be able to tell because you will have a 'Reshade.fx' file in your main folder, as well as the 'Reshade' and/or 'SweetFX' folders in the location you installed the game.

19. Do you have a Windows Firewall setting that 'Blocks access' to Grand Theft Auto V?
You can find out by viewing Outbound Connections in 'Windows Firewall with Advanced Security'.

20. Make sure that 'Enable counter measures against online vehicles being removed in singleplayer' is disabled.
It can cause crashes for many people and is also provided in Simple Trainer, but works better there.

21. Do you run any AntiVirus?
If so, have you tried disabling it and then relaunching Ragehook?
Please also state which AntiVirus you are running.

22. Do you use a controller?
If so, try without it.

23. Have you read through the COMMON ISSUES thread as well as the RAGE HOOK PLUGIN Solutions topics?
If not, read through them and follow their instructions too.

24. Please verify that none of your game files are corrupted.
To do this on Steam versions, Right Click on GTA V -> Properties -> Local Files -> Verify Integrity of Game Files.
To do this on retail, on any GTA V LAUNCHER Shortcut you may have:
Right Click on GTAV (usually the shortcut on desktop works).
Click on the propProperties -> Target, after the final speech marks, add a space, then add '-verify' (without quotes). This will make sure that no game files are corrupted.
NOTE: For Retail, after verifying, you must remove the '-verify' command.

25. List all USB devices (including mouse and keyboard, if they have names).

26. Please try running cmd.exe (Command Prompt) as administrator, then doing the following:
In the window that appears, try typing 'sfc /scannow'
Let the scan run, this may take a while, depending on your computer.
Then provide a screenshot of the results that you are given.

27. Try unblocking your GTA V folder.
To do this on retail, Navigate to your Rockstar Games folder, where GTA V is installed, Right click on the GTA V folder and deselect the Read Only box.
To do this on steam, Navigate to Drive Letter://Program Files (x86)/Steam/Steamapps/common, then right click on the GTA V folder and deslect the Read Only box.

28. Are you using Realism Dispatch Enhanced? Please try this: (If you aren't, ignore this)
Download this: http://www.mediafire.com...nce+and+felony+patch.zip
Place the downloaded file into update.rpf -> common -> data
Report the results after trying this.

29. Can you provide a RagePluginHook.log file and/or any crash reports? (.rcr files are not readable by us, so are useless to us)
Please upload the log to: http://pastebin.com/ (Account not required) and link us to it.

30. Can you please provide screenshots of the following?
- The whole Grand Theft Auto V folder (include the file location at the top too)
- The plugins folder
- Plugins -> LSPDFR folder (if it exists)
- Your Ragehook settings (when Rage loads, click on the settings icon and screenshot all tabs apart from the final one.
- Properties -> Details of GTA5.exe
- Properties -> Details of RagePluginHook.exe
Please upload all of the required screenshots to http://imgur.com/ (Account not required) and link it to us.

31. If you do use a 'mods' folder, try moving it to the desktop.

32. Make sure all of the Visual Studio C++ Redistributables are intact, to do this, go to the Uninstall Programs menu and find them and repair them in the Uninstall menus for them.
Additionally, if you are on Windows 7, you will have to repair .NET Framework in the same menu. Also make sure that it is at version 4.6.1.

If any of the following did not resolve your issue, please provide a clear detailed description of the issue you are experiencing as well as all requested information above.
Additionally, if anybody has posted before this one, please answer their posts too. Please also attempt to lay it out neatly, referencing all of the numbers to help keep track of which solutions you have done and the outcomes.

Please also remember that if you fail to reply after 5 days that your thread will be locked due to inactivity.

If any of the above fixed your issue, please clearly state that your issue is resolved (preferably state what step fixed it) and then a moderator will mark the topic as solved and lock it.

Thank you, if you decided to follow these instructions.

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